About Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life is the brain child of Claire McFee, an Author, Speaker, Documentary Maker and passionate Preventative Health advocate. Claire holds Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) Majoring in Psychology. Claire’s first product was the Organize Your Life Household Organizer, which was born out of a need to create some order to her life after having her first child and feeling like she was constantly chasing her tail. The Organizer has helped thousands of people worldwide regain control of their lives and began with a Folder Version full of ready made lists. Through global demand Claire’s successful Organizing System has now morphed into an Interactive Organizer Download which goes straight to your computer and can be typed into or printed out into your own folders. Claire has also written affordable educational eBooks on the topics of Organization and the inter-related topic of Health and Wellbeing.

In fact Claire is so passionate about Holistic Health she Directed a 6-part Mind Body Documentary on the topic which aired to a great response on TV. Claire is a prolific writer – with over 100 articles on all manner of subjects and is regularly sourced for ‘comment’ in the Media – having appeared on TV over half a dozen times herself. Claire says she simply loves helping people achieve a healthier, more balanced life though better organization and preventative health solutions.


Claire loves providing people with the tools to turn their lives around, so they can have more energy to achieve their goals and dreams. It’s all about learning how to deal with the juggling act of life and not getting overly stressed. Claire has been able to achieve her goals by tackling the draining forces of her house and head clutter, making way for new opportunities with increased energy and vitality. We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start and look forward to helping you create a calmer life step by step. Be sure to watch our Home and Personal Organizing System Demo Video below to see just how easy our Organizer is to use.

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