Are you Overwhelmed or Depressed?

If you or someone you know struggle with Depression read on to learn strategies to cope better….

Photo by James Brand For Marie Claire: Claire, Neil and their two children

Author of Organize Your Life, Claire McFee came up with the idea for Organize Your Life to help cope better after having her first child. “I knew very early on the Organizer was making a noticeable difference and that it would surely help others too.” says Claire

Now 36, Claire only started talking openly about the fact that she has had depression in her early thirties. The reason for not telling others was partly because it was still a fairly taboo topic 9 years ago when she came up with her business idea and also the fear of being judged. Claire says now that she’s on the other side she has found the opposite to be true.

A huge proportion of Claire’s customers suffer from feelings of ‘overwhelm’ to full blown depression, making the decision much easier to go public. Claire is now emotionally strong in part due to being organized on the home front and also the feeling of satisfaction she gets from helping thousands of others.

With numerous high profile people ‘Opening Up’ about their depression, the topic is thankfully less taboo these days. With 1:5 people having the condition it certainly is something that needs to happen.

Claire partook in a trial at The Alfred Hospital to help with Depression called Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which has very encouraging results. A story was aired about it on Ch9 News.

Claire sums her journey thus far by saying. “It’s all about being able to admit you need help and then getting it – be it a with the help of a counsellor; various Natural Treatments; helpful products and services; personal development courses etc. They can all have a valuable place in becoming well – you just need to put your hand up and see what combination works for you.”

Claire and her husband were interviewed by Marie Claire about their experience coping with Depression….

When Claire McFee was diagnosed with depression, it felt as though her world was falling apart. But she wasn’t the only one affected. Here, she and husband Neil explain the impact on their family and their relationship.

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