Mind | Body Documentary

Author of Organize Your Health and Wellbeing and Creator of the Organize Your Life Household filing system, Claire McFee is passionate about helping people with their health and wellness. Having gone through depression and anxiety in the past, Claire knows what it’s like to feel completely overwhelmed and too tired to do barely anything. After much research and trial and error, Claire learned how to kick medication and overcome depression and anxiety naturally. Claire wanted to let the masses know how she was able to do this on a large scale, so decided to Direct a 6-part Documentary called ‘The Open Up Project’ about the Mind | Body Medicine Connection which aired on TV to a great response.

mind Body medicine wellness wellbeing healthbody mind health wellbeing wellness hassedThe main interview subject was Internationally recognised Mind | Body Expert Dr Craig Hassed – who is also a Lecturer at the Medical Faculty of Monash University. For more information about the types of strategies Claire employed to have a more balanced life including managing her health, stress and hormone levels and many more areas please read more about Claire’s highly commended eBook Organize Your Health and Wellbeing Naturally  (http://www NULL.organizeyourlife NULL.com NULL.au/health-wellbeing).



Also interviewed for the WellBeing Documentary was Award winning business owner Ludwinda Dautovic, Founder of her successful self titled business Ludwina  (http://www NULL.ludwina NULL.com/index NULL.html) Ludwina shared her past experience of depression and how she dealt with it.

Another major contributor to the project, was Noel Fanning of Gest Media (http://www NULL.gestmedia NULL.com NULL.au) who donating his time to help film, edit and produce the final product.

We hope to have all 6 interviews up on You Tube shortly. Please visit our You Tube Channel (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/organizeyourlife)and subscribe to keep up to date with our latest videos -with over 50,000 hits already.