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Claire McFee, Creator of the Organize Your Life Household Organizer has been featured on TV several times and is regularly contacted for ‘comment’ on all things organizing, parenting and her other passion Preventative Health. Read on for all the details including being in the following publications: Cosmopolitan; House and Garden; Real Simple; Marie Claire; The Age; the Herald Sun; Practical Parenting; Mother and Baby and more.

As seen on A Current Affair

Creator of the  Organize Your Life Household Filing System – Your Life in Lists – Claire McFee was featured on A Current Affair again. This time on Goal setting with other Experts in their field such as Paul Clitheroe. Watch the video on the A Current Affair Website to see the full story here –Expert Tips on Goal Setting (http://www NULL.aca NULL.ninemsn


Time with Oprah’s Organizing Guru Peter Walsh
Claire has been fortunate to rub shoulders with Peter Walsh – Oprah’s Organizing Guru at Melbourne’s Crown Complex. When it comes to good organization Claire and Peter are both fans of the importance of de-cluttering your house, head and heart to clear the way for more good to come into your life.
As seen on A Current Affair : Control the chaos – Organize Your Life!
Organize Your Life was featured on A Current Affair highlighting how using Claire’s Household Organizer helps when feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Two customers shared their personal struggles and the difference using Organize Your Life helped them see the light at the end of the tunnel of paperwork, not to mention clutter.

ACA’s Tammi Farraday reports – Ever feel swamped by disorganization and clutter?

….There’s a new way to control the chaos – a home-based filing system designed to help people cope more effectively with their busy lifestyles. The user-friendly planner gives you the chance to free-up some headspace so you can achieve calm and balance in your life. Known as Organize Your Life, the system is the brainchild of Claire McFee, who devised the idea after turning her life around with the simple trick of listing her goals and dreams and so much more..

Clinical Psychologist Molly Campbell on ACA about the benefits of Organize Your Life

“Dis-organization & Clutter is a significant contributor to depression and a feeling of ‘overwhelm’. We tend to just throw our heads up in the air and say, I can’t cope, I don’t even know where to begin’.”Tools like Claire McFee’s Organize Your Life system are really helpful, because once you get started it’s self motivating…As you start ticking off the things you have accomplished your energy starts to go up, and then you’re off and running.”

Foxtel –The Christie B Show

Claire was asked to be a Guest on Foxtel’s ChristieB Show, sharing her tips on how to get and stay organized, from the perspective of a busy mother. Watch an edited version of the show on YouTube here. Please leave a comment if you feel inclined and like it.

Channel Nine News

Claire agreed to speak to Ch 9 News reporter Caroline Rondoe about the successful Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Program she undertook to treat Depression at the Alfred Hospital spearheaded by Professor Paul Fitzgerald. Claire previously kept her depression hidden from others due to feeling ashamed but decided to open up in the hope of helping others.

Priority Magazine Feature

Claire’s business Organize Your Life was profiled in Priority Magazine which focused on successful Home Businesses and their Products and Services and was fortunate to be chosen for the cover.


Excerpt from Herald Sun Feature Article by Olga Galacho

“The fact that Ms McFee was able to launch her own business at a time when she faced the considerable demands of a baby is testament to the improved organisational abilities that her system delivers. “Without a doubt, I could not have turned my idea into a business if I had not sorted out my home affairs first. I was able to find an enormous amount of time by doing this so I could focus more energy on my idea.”

More in the Herald Sun: Mothers of Invention

Claire McFee pictured here (centre) with other Mumpreneurs, featured in an article about Mothers Juggling babies and business including Michelle Vogrinec (back far right) creator of the hugely successful Gaia Skin Naturals (http://www NULL.gaiaskinnaturals – one of the first natural children’s skin care products company in Australia which has gone on to become wildy successful.

Victoria’s Surf Coast ‘The Echo’ Front page Coverage

Way back in the early days of the business this front page feature about Claire’s unique product helped launch her onto the National and subsequently International stage with articles in Cosmopolitan; House and Garden; Real Simple; Marie Claire; The Age; the Herald Sun; Practical Parenting; Mother and Baby just to name a few.

Marie Claire Feature Article

Claire and her family had a great time being pampered during this photo shoot, taken on the beach in their Victorian coastal town. The articles focus was how to overcome depression and helped promote the 6-part Documentary Claire Directed called ‘Open Up’ on the importance of sharing your struggles and Mind | Body Medicine which aired on TV to a great response. See our Health and Wellbeing Tab for more information.


Claire has written countless articles |had articles published over the years. Claire wrote for Small business and Home Based Income magazine for two years and was also asked to have write an article for American Magazine Personal Excellence, whom John Kerry and George Bush also wrote articles for the same issue. Claire is also in the process of writing her own book with strategies to help live a calmer life.

ABC News

Claire was interviewed by Anita Savage on ABC News in regards to successful, yet cost effective marketing strategies for small businesses.

Media Personality & Social Commentator Rebecca LeTourneau“I thought Claire said Organize Your Wife, and thought, ‘I must get one of those, a wife is just what I need.’ Then she gave me her Organizer. It is the most useful ‘organ’ I have ever met, I may never need another. Take my home, take my husband, but please don’t take my Organizer. I would rather give my {child} my entire make-up kit, jewellery box and zip drive for a day, than allow her a second to tamper with my organizer. Get the picture. Filofax is just another ‘F’ word to me now – get Organize Your Life! and control the chaos.”

And from Parenting Expert, Media Commentator, Speaker and Author Michael Grose from (http://www NULL.parentingideas

“Organize Your Life is a comprehensive guide to getting your life under control….The ultimate Organizer, including personal, family, work, health and a whole lot more. A must!”

Review by Cheapskates Founder (http://www NULL.cheapskates, TV Commentator Cathy Armstrong

‘…I loathe the constant ‘paper chase’ to find the to-do list, bills, shopping lists, immunisation records, or dental records when I need them….Organize Your Life is the place to keep all this important information, and the information you think you will remember but never do, safely in one convenient folder. No longer will you search for scraps of paper, you’ll know at a glance the last time the car was serviced or you went to the dentist. Claire has put a lot of thought into the [Organizer] to create the perfect time, stress and energy saving tool.”

Expert Panelist on Toddlers to Teens TV

Claire was handpicked by Toddlers to Teens TV Host and Producer Melissa Groom to be a Regular Expert Panelist. As Melissa explains why she wanted to work with Claire, “I purchased the e-Organiser and absolutely love it. I had been wanting something like that for so long. My life has run so much smoother since I have organised it….It has definitely made my life a lot easier. I am currently in hospital with my son who has just had a kidney transplant and your Organisers (that I have printed out) have made it easier for my family taking care of my other 2 younger children.”

Marketing Awards

Claire was nominated for the Solutions Management Marketing Awards and was Awarded an Honourable Mention – presented by the then Small Business Minister Marsha Thomson.

More awards….

Claire also received a Highly Commended Award at the Marketing Communications International Awards.


Claire was a Guest Speaker at the Surf Coast Shire Celebration of 100 years of International Womens’ Day. Claire covered the importance of voluntary work in her life and also discussed her health struggles and how she overcame them through determination and learning more about Natural Preventative Health measures. Cr Rose Hodge (Previous Mayor) Surf Coast Shire :- “Claire McFee’s speech was an inspiration. She took us on a journey of discovery through her experiences {and} shared valuable words of encouragement for all women to strive to achieve a work life balance.”

Quiksilver Inspiring Women Talk

“When we asked Claire McFee to speak we didn’t realise just how inspiring she would be!!!! Claire was exceptionally generous sharing her journey with us . This was our very first gathering of women who are looking for inspiration, motivation, support and encouragement and Claire ticked all of these boxes! Claire was down to earth, friendly and really related to our group – thanks again Claire for being such an Inspiring Woman!” Leanne Perryman Human Resources at Quiksilver.

Book Reviewer

Claire is regularly approached by book Publishers and Authors across the globe to review their Books. You can see more about these books in the ‘We Recommend’ Section of the website. If you are interested in Claire reviewing your book/product please email info @ with an outline including your website | FaceBook page etc for consideration.

Community Voluntary Work

Claire has Volunteered since her early 20′s, particularly at her Local Community House. As seen pictured here at the 10th Anniversary of the Community House celebration with the Mayor Libby Coker to Claire’s left. Claire believes in giving back to the community as it is good for the your wellbeing by fostering connectedness to people and place. To see more about the importance of wellbeing read about Claire’s new eBook Organize Your Health and Wellbeing here.