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Home is where the heart is – a place to relax and unwind in comfort and safety. The Home Organizer is one of four stand-alone sections of the Organize Your Life Interactive Organizer and is designed to help you manage Your Home & Living. Whether you are planning a dinner party, need a family menu planner or roster, are renovating your kitchen, moving house, or landscaping the back yard, by recording everything in one place & having all your information at your fingertips, your home will run efficiently and become the enjoyable haven that it should be.

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Do any of these situations describe you?

Address Book

You can never find the right tradesman’s number quickly when you need it (like when the kitchen’s full of water!)


You consistently arrive at the hardware store or the pharmacy & forget what you went there for

Dinner Parties

You throw a dinner party & realize afterwards that you left someone you owed an invitation off the guest list


You finally find time to cook something special & don’t have half of the ingredients that you need

Moving House/p>

You’re about to move house, it scares you to death & you just don’t know where to start

Home Decorating

You need to patch up the paint in one of your rooms & can’t remember what the name of the paint colour was

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Garden Planting

You have no idea where you’ve planted any of your bulbs so you keep digging them up accidentally


You can never find anything because your garage is full of clutter & boxes and you have no idea of what’s in them

Garden Tools & Equipment

You always seem to buy the wrong size belts for your ride-on mower & have to exchange them because you forget what size they are

If you can relate to any of these situations, then we have the solution for you and it’s only a click away.

Available for immediate download, the Organize Your Home Organizer is packed with around 70 pages of lists, calendars & planners to get you on track.

All of the structure is there – you simply fill in the gaps.


The Organize Your Life Organizer is unique as you can save it on to your computer and type into it or print it out and fill it in by hand, the choice is yours.

Full of handy tips, hints and links to the Net, you’ll find it so easy & friendly to use, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. The Home Organizer has sections including:

There are spaces for you to:

  • Keep a handy list of Trades & Services
  • List items paid for but waiting delivery
  • Create categorized shopping lists
  • Record favorite recipes
  • Plan your meals ahead
  • Manage a change of address
  • Plan your garden landscaping
  • Keep your car records
  • Record your computer software details
  • Note down your pets’ details

You’ll be amazed at how efficient, stress-free and enjoyable your Home will be when you have all of this information at your fingertips and all in one easy-access spot.

It’s easier than you think!

Remember, to have change in our lives, we must take action.

We know you will love the results!

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