“I thought Claire said Organize Your Wife, and thought, ‘I must get one of those, a wife is just what I need.’

Then she gave me her Organizer. It is the most useful ‘organ’ I have ever met, I may never need another.

Take my home, take my husband, but please don’t take my Organizer.

I would rather give my toddler my entire make-up kit, jewellry box and zip drive for a day, than allow her a second to tamper with my organizer. Get the picture.Filofax is just another ‘F’ word to me now – get Organize Your Life! and control the chaos.”

Rebecca LeTourneau
TV Social Commentator

“Organize Your Life is a comprehensive guide to getting your life under control….The ultimate Organizer, including personal, family, work, health and a whole lot more. A must!”


Michael Grose
Parenting Expert, Media Commentator, Speaker and Author
Parenting Ideas (http://www NULL.parentingideas NULL.com NULL.au/)

"Your e-Organizer is THE BEST I have seen and tried, and I’ve tried MANY! It is such a Workable Solution! I love how it is Interactive – I want to leave my computer on just so I can fill out forms throughout my day! I plan to print out some forms that need constant family access."

Katharyn Journalist
"I recently purchased my Organize Your Life planner and love it. It is a credit to you, you have gone to so much trouble and have thought of everything..... I have followed your advice and have started filling out whatever jumps out at me. Thanks."

A.Andreatta Goulbourne, Vic
"Well, what can I say? Your organizer is absolutely brilliant. I had always been good at keeping lists and other information, but never in any order, or one place. So your planner has been a Godsend. I have 3 young boys and life is hectic enough without trying to track down individual notes. Inspired by you work to declutter the brain.... Now every piece of paper that enters our house can have the important details kept in a safe place. I honestly believe your organizer has saved me hours in not looking for papers, and also my sanity. Thank you, Claire!"

F.Basile Sanctuary Cove QLD
"It was as good as I expected, from what I'd read about it, - and better!!! So practical - has really given me motivation, and a bit of light at the end of that "tunnel-of-paper-files". And a few of our friends who saw it ..(even guys) have said "great idea", and thought even the "little" things like "who did I lend that to..." were things we all wonder and often never find out! And we also got a few laughs out of it, like the "good/bad wine" one and the "jokes" one. We've always wished to be able to remember those ones….easy ++ to use!! I told my Post Natal Depression group about it today - I know so many people who would find it really helpful. And thanks for the newsletter, support/queries service you offer on top of it all, too."

J.McMahon Thorbury,Vic
"Your e-Organizer is everything I wanted to do for myself but could never quite find the right way of putting it all together. Thank you very much for such a useful tool to completely organize my life. I am enjoying using the organizer and still get excited whenever I use it, and just wanted to say how great the idea is."

Jennifer King
"Organize Your Life is an efficient and effective tool for busy people to be more productive at home as well as work. Keeping records of your families important events will certainly help eliminate stress at home and ensure you have important information at your finger tips."

Judy Vanrenen - Business Consultant
"My life can get quite hectic, and being a Natural Therapist I am aware of the effects stress can have on your physical health. I have utilised my "Organize Your Life" planner to alleviate potential stress by having much needed information clearly compiled and presented in the one place…among other things I record my short-term goals and plan for my long-term goals. The structure of the organizer enables you to add things as they occur and constantly expand on your ideas."

K.Grundy Surf Coast, Vic
Meeting Claire McFee through a networking group, I was immediately struck by her high level of professionalism and also, by how well she ‘walks her talk’ . Claire’s Organize Your Life! product is not only incredibly comprehensive, covering every possible area of organization required to run your life efficiently, but it is also simple and easy to use. Claire has not only helped me get organized by providing me with the Organize Your Life Organizer, but has also supported me as a mentor in the early days of establishing my business. Claire assisted me with valuable marketing ideas, provided me with honest feedback, and has extended her incredible organizational skills to support every area of my business. All this while managing a young family of her own, and supporting her local community in various projects! Claire is a remarkable young woman who is well deserving of the success she has achieved in her business.”

K.James, Gardenvale, Vic
I was surprised after having a baby that I wasn't as on top of everything as I thought I would be, as I was super organized beforehand, at work as a nurse and at home.Thankfully before I got too bad (or depressed), a friend who saw you on TV, told me about your organizer. As soon as I logged onto your site I knew it was exactly what I needed. It was everything I was trying to do, but just couldn't find the time for. Thanks for putting it all together so people like me can be sane again!!"

K.Spinley Carramar WA
"I am a 58 yr old semi-retired grandmother of 4 and find your Organizer invaluable. I have even more ‘interests’ and things I need to ‘keep track of ’ now that I am older’, and was desperately trying to find a way to organize it all when I came across the Organizer. Just what I needed."

M.Dunlop Canberra, ACT
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