“I thought Claire said Organize Your Wife, and thought, ‘I must get one of those, a wife is just what I need.’

Then she gave me her Organizer. It is the most useful ‘organ’ I have ever met, I may never need another.

Take my home, take my husband, but please don’t take my Organizer.

I would rather give my toddler my entire make-up kit, jewellry box and zip drive for a day, than allow her a second to tamper with my organizer. Get the picture.Filofax is just another ‘F’ word to me now – get Organize Your Life! and control the chaos.”

Rebecca LeTourneau
TV Social Commentator

“Organize Your Life is a comprehensive guide to getting your life under control….The ultimate Organizer, including personal, family, work, health and a whole lot more. A must!”


Michael Grose
Parenting Expert, Media Commentator, Speaker and Author
Parenting Ideas (http://www NULL.parentingideas NULL.com NULL.au/)

I am working through my paperwork...and am printing out each page putting them into a lovely coloured folder, with dividers, (my ex Librarian side coming out), so that I can put my hands to the information I need, or just want to look at to remind me of my goals. Nursing registration numbers, resumes, goals, passwords, it’s all there. And next I can’t wait to get started on the money organiser, so badly needed right now. I can already feel myself relaxing, starting to feel able to work towards my goals, get rid of those scrappy bits of paper with numbers on them, the 5 or so different books with information in them (all repeated I might add). It is wonderful, and I am so looking forward to your emails with information and extra help that I have subscribed too as well!!! Thank you so much, it is so simple, and something I had thought of doing myself, but could never find the time or inclination to put together for myself. You have thought of it all. Favourite products, resume information, journals, membership numbers, it’s just all there!!!! My motivation and energy levels increase each time I sit down and add some more to my organiser. Cheers and keep up the great work,

I thought I was organised until Claire McFee entered my life.  The dozens of lists, notes and numbers that litter the study and kitchen finally have the one organised home.  It's fantastic being able to find things straight away, instead of having to remember where I left the last post-it note.  I never have to worry about losing the important computer commands I had stuck all over the place again.

Cheryl Critchley, Melbourne
Hi Claire, Your Organiser is a godsend. I sit down at night when all is quiet with a cuppa and pen and folder, and fill in the appropriate forms for me. I just love it, as I can then go to bed with a clearer mind and wake up more refreshed.

Ann Adams, QLD
Thanks Claire very much for all you have sent me. I am now on the road to organizing my life. I will let you know how I am going along the way. Much appreciated.

Susie, Surf Coast
Fantastic !! Thank-You so much for this wonderful product Claire, I can’t wait to get started!!!

I enjoy reading your newsletters.  I always feel a strong sense of support and encouragement conveyed through your writing.  Kind regards

Jenny Bendigo
I got to sit down last night and go through the mini organiser. It is great. The thing that i really liked was that there are even things such as restaurant lists.  This is, as I said PERFECT for what i am trying to balance at the moment.  HA HA the only thing  I wish the organiser could do that it doesn’t is clean my house or suggest where i can compensate in my budget to pay for someone to do it each week ha ha. I don’t think we should have to do things we HATE especially when I have energy and passion to put into other more productive (in my eyes) tasks!!!

I find your tips and hints to be so very helpful - out of all the

myriad of sites that are on the web yours is the best! Must go now - I'm about to take some baby steps into my dining room!

Janet Finch
Claire McFee has an amazing insight and understanding of the struggles people face when trying to Organize their Life. Claire makes you feel that it is alright to be human and that being perfect is a myth. I now feel more confident that I can tackle my clutter and get into the Organizing Zone. Thank you Claire. You are an inspiration!

Amanda Robins, NSW
Thanks so much for all your wonderful effort. The Organizer is going to be very useful, and I'm using the same methodology and applying it to my work stuff. I’m looking forward (even to the point of excitement!) to printing and organising this on the weekend. Cheers.

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