“I thought Claire said Organize Your Wife, and thought, ‘I must get one of those, a wife is just what I need.’

Then she gave me her Organizer. It is the most useful ‘organ’ I have ever met, I may never need another.

Take my home, take my husband, but please don’t take my Organizer.

I would rather give my toddler my entire make-up kit, jewellry box and zip drive for a day, than allow her a second to tamper with my organizer. Get the picture.Filofax is just another ‘F’ word to me now – get Organize Your Life! and control the chaos.”

Rebecca LeTourneau
TV Social Commentator

“Organize Your Life is a comprehensive guide to getting your life under control….The ultimate Organizer, including personal, family, work, health and a whole lot more. A must!”


Michael Grose
Parenting Expert, Media Commentator, Speaker and Author
Parenting Ideas (http://www NULL.parentingideas NULL.com NULL.au/)

I use the folder {Organizer} all the time! Thanks

K. Hawkswood
I am Mum to a three and a half and one year old and am still sleep deprived so knowing where all my important stuff is, is fantastic! I recently purchased a copy of Organise Your Life, which I am finding great to use. Everything goes in there and I know where it all is.....I am already needing to print off some things,eg. the to do and shopping lists. Thanks for your time.

M D'silva
“Hi Claire, I have found Organize Your Life so inspirational. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed personally or in my home business I look for your advice. Just to spend a few minutes to tidy my desk, do my filing, change the energy around always helps. I have been following you for many years now and especially remember in the early days you phoning me which prompted me to always, always follow up anyone who makes contact with my business.  And just this one tip has made a big difference to how I work. Many thanks Claire, and wishing you so much success in your business and future events.

Margaret Saunders, Founder of Bedtime and Toilet Training Solutions
Many thanks Claire. I have started using {your Organizer}  already.  It will certainly help in de-cluttering all the paper I have around me. Thanks again.

Catherine Bailey, Surrey Hills
As a single Mother of 4 kids, I was struggling to cope with just the basics on a day to day basis, worrying about when I would finally get done all that needed to be done, and what messages I was sending to my 4 precious children about life, on the home-front, as well as in the work-force! I have been a full-time (hence, un-employed) Mother for 5 years now, and have known for a long time that I wanted to achieve something more, by looking after my children, and working towards a career, or a home-based business of my own!  The problem was, I was not looking after myself, and could not see a light at the end of the tunnel! Thankfully, I made the decision to purchase your Organiser, and, after looking over it and thinking "What a great business idea!  This girl's a genius!!!!" I started to look through it again, with my own life in focus! Gradually, bit by bit, I have worked through a good few sections of my organiser, starting with the realisation that I must start to look after myself, so as to cope well with my children and my lot in life, and to come through it all as a "success" and not just a "survivor"!!!  So! … I began to start thinking of all of the great business ideas that I have had in the past, but failed to write down, let alone act upon!  I cannot even start to explain the clarity that this simple act have given me!  One of my business ideas has led me to realise that I would like to complete an "integration aide" course… This is only the beginning for me, with a newer, brighter future ahead of me, with credit being given to your great organiser!  I realise that the thoughts behind my future success are my own, but, it is your organiser that has brought them all together in an orderly fashion so that I could start acting on them! Thank-you so much for clarifying my once very confusing, and cluttered life! Forever grateful

Kim Shirley
I can see the Organizer will make a huge difference to my life.

A.Pitcher Highett, Vic
What a fantastic concept you have come up with.  The topics made me realise how many bits of paper are lying around the house!

Dear Claire, I thought i would drop you a line to say how brilliant your Organiser is.  Since returning from the UK and trying to plan my time with a five month old, a house move in 2 weeks – it’s come in really handy.  Being able to print extra lists off has been a saviour –especially garage boxes!

Jakki Cross, Maroubra NSW
Thank you so much for such a practical product…I really enjoy receiving your monthly newsletters filled with such fantastic information.  I have actually created a separate section at the back of the Organiser so that I can keep these newsletters handy for future reference. Thanks again Claire.  A great product.  I look forward to receiving the next newsletter. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Grant Canning Vale, WA
I only wish I had your book over thirty years ago!

Lucy Turner Arrarat, Vic
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