Crossing paths with the criminal justice system is something inevitable. At some point in time, you might find yourself in limbo and the scariest thing is the trauma one goes through when they get arrested. There is a lot that one goes through when one enters into a criminal justice system. All the complicated terminologies and the legal fees that one has to part ways with are not something to overlook during a legal battle. It might be tempting to recruit a larger law firm to assist you in the case with all the troops it will deploy to handle your case, but I have a different opinion altogether. According to past research, small firms accord the devotion and personal interaction that often lead to courtroom success. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose a smaller law firm over the larger one.

Dedicated & designated lawyers

Many people see larger law firms with many attorneys as a key point to hire, but when it comes to personal matters such as criminal defence, things are different. You need a local Brisbane lawyer to handle your case from start to finish. Leaving your case to a larger law firm, your case might be passed from one lawyer to the other at some point making it difficult for them to articulate your issues the right way.

While at a smaller law firm, you will work with a small group of dedicated attorneys throughout your case. They will better understand your case and work with you hand in hand to see your courtroom success or the least; fair judgement.

Better relationship and services

Hiring a law firm for your case is an important decision, you will be paying an expert to push your case through to success, and they will become part of your life, therefore you need to craft meaningful relationships and cultivate trust. Working with a small law firm allows you to mingle and understand each other well and they will fight harder to see you through than a larger law firm with a larger volume of cases passed around to different attorneys in every stage of the course.

Meaningful reputation

Big law firms might have the biggest name and recognition and larger revenue avenues than smaller counterparts but smaller firms have established and meaningful relationships with the population. They build a strong rapport with their clients and develop deep rooted trust and relationships that will last. Working with attorneys who understand your case better stands you a chance for better deals since they are familiar with prosecutors and judges and are more focused on fighting for your case.

More time dedicated to your case

It is the prerogative of a lawyer in a larger legal firm to allocate time for your case, but small legal firms have a low volume of cases hence your particular case will have the focus and time it deserves to earn better outcomes. It is common for larger firms to deploy cookie-cutter strategies for different cases leaving out subtleties of the cases that may have been beneficial for the case. But because of limited time and a large volume of cases at the table of each attorney, those nitty-gritty things are left out and then the case is lost and the clients receive unfavourable judgement because of lack of attention to detail.

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