The reputation of the digital marketing agency is rapid and fast-paced. The fast-paced technology also applies to topics such as platforms, Google algorithms, digital technology, and a lot more.

The recommendation of SEO or search engine optimisation as a great partner for various businesses and industries normally brings questions such as:

“What is Search Engine Optimisation?” or “What does it do?”

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation is popularly known as SEO. Going through the process of SEO ensures a website to gain increased overall visibility online through enhanced search ranking.

The SEO process to ensure a higher ranking for a company’s website include editing, creating, and reworking content of the site. Doing all these ensure the good ranking of a website in search engines.

Partnering with an SEO company allows them to check the various workings of your website. This includes checking the swiftness and security of the servers while being user-friendly to both desktop and mobile devices.

The SEO agency will also check whether the content of your website is crawlable, unique, and contain references from other important websites.

What makes SEO so important to businesses?

The importance of SEO is presented in two everyday scenarios. One is that the internet is used by 97% of consumers to find local services. Two is that the search engine is used in 93% online experiences of users.

This means that businesses that don’t show up during the search are on its way to lose revenues. Bottom line: the overall online marketing strategy to use today regardless of the type of business is to make SEO a part of it.

SEO services will always enhance the overall life of your website over time.

The Two Types of SEO

SEO is available in two types: white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO. Taking a guess, you probably have an idea which is the good one and which is bad.

White-hat SEO

White-hat SEO goes by the rules. This means that time and effort works to gain organic traffic based on keyword and data research. The traffic will grow slowly at the start but will dramatically increase over time.

The things that are included in white-hat SEO include:

  • Optimised images
  • Website content-length
  • Social media pointing back to the website
  • Website security
  • Searcher intent
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Quality backlinks
  • Website content value
  • Schema Mark-up
  • Website Load Time

Black-hat SEO

Landing on top of the search engine results page or SERP can also be achieved using black-hat SEO. However, using black-hat SEO tactics is not long-term. Worse, going this route eventually tarnishes the online presence of your website.

Google will not be forever fooled by black-hat SEO tactics. While using black-hat SEO will propel your website to the first page, it won’t stay there for long.

Services to look for in SEO Services

SEO agencies, in general, should offer the following services, to include:

  • Optimisation of Onsite Content
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Optimisation of Factors Off-page
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Website Coding
  • Conversion Analysis

The bottom line

A good SEO agency will use its experience and expertise to ensure that your company’s website gains a reputable online presence. The smartest way to gain industry authority for your business and website is to hire the services of a reputable search engine optimisation Gold Coast agency.

Haseeb Pineda

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